Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Knit Easter Eggs and Asparagus

We have just had a big delivery of new books today so if you must take a 5 minute break from your knitting, have a rest and read about your next project. Looking forward to spring, Arne and Carlos new book of Easter knits has the most beautiful knitted eggs in their trademark Scandinavian style. There are also Easter bunnies and chickens too.

This book has lots of ideas for knitted and crocheted flowers and also vegetables, even knitted asparagus. Use them on their own as brooches or decorate a project with one.

The latest in Ros and Elspeth's books from the Homemade series, this one is as nice as the others. Nice just to look at but some lovely projects too.

The 20 to Make series are very good value at only £4.99 each, Knitted baby bootees has everything from traditional to novelty bootees with lovely clear instructions, Great for using up oddments.
We have lots of lovely books in the shop to give you ideas for your next project.

Happy knitting xx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Lovely Weather for Hats

Whether its a knitted head band to keep your ears warm

A super chunky quick knit hat knitted in Denim Ultra
OR a chunky unisex beanie hat

Or even a tiny baby knitted knotted hat  - its definitely the weather to be wearing a hand knitted hat.With patterns and yarns to suit all shapes and sizes we are back to our usual winter opening hours Tuesday to Saturday9.30am to 4.30pm. Call in and get everything you need to knit your own hat.